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This table stores the data of all registered users,
Created by Martin 17/03/03

The email is the unique identifier for each user (i.d., the username).


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
user_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null
edition_editor.user_id fk_edition_editor_to_userR
edition_editor_request.admin_user_id edition_editor_request_to_admin_user_idR
edition_editor_request.editor_user_id edition_editor_request_to_editor_user_idR
iaa_edition_catalog_author.user_id fk_iaa_edition_catalog_author_to_userR
iaa_edition_catalog_to_text_fragment_confirmation.user_id fk_iaa_edition_catalog_to_text_fragment_confirmation_to_userR
image_catalog_author.user_id fk_image_catalog_author_to_userR
image_to_image_map_author.user_id fk_image_to_image_map_author_to_userR
recent_edition_catalog_to_col_confirmation.user_id Implied ConstraintR
SQE_image_author.user_id fk_SQE_image_author_to_userR
user_contributions.user_id fk_user_contributions_to_userR
user_email_token.user_id fk_user_email_token_to_userR
email VARCHAR 255 null

The user account email is used as the unique identifier for the account. Users authenticate with a correct email + password.

pw CHAR 56 null

A hashed password

forename VARCHAR 255 NULL

The user’s forename, may be null. Neither forename or surname are unique (separately or combined)

surname VARCHAR 255 NULL

The user’s surname, may be null. Neither forename or surname are unique (separately or combined)

organization VARCHAR 255 NULL

The user’s current organization, may be null.

registration_date TIMESTAMP 19 current_timestamp()
settings LONGTEXT 2147483647 NULL
last_scroll_version_id INT UNSIGNED 10 1
activated TINYINT UNSIGNED 3 0

Boolean for whether a user has authenticaed registration via the emailed token.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc user_id
unique_user Must be unique Asc email