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This table defines an image. It contains referencing data to access the image via iiif servers, it also stores metadata relating to the image itself, such as sizing, resolution, image color range, etc. It also maintains a link to the institutional referencing system, and the referencing of the editio princeps (as provided by the imaging institution).


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
sqe_image_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null
artefact_shape.sqe_image_id fk_artefact_shape_to_sqe_imageR
image_to_image_map.image1_id fk_image1_to_image_idR
image_to_image_map.image2_id fk_image2_to_image_idR
SQE_image_author.sqe_image_id fk_SQE_image_owner_to_sqe_image_idR
image_urls_id INT UNSIGNED 10 0
image_urls.image_urls_id fk_image_to_urlR

Link to image_urls table which contains the url of the iiif server that provides this image and the default suffix used to get images from that server.

filename VARCHAR 255 'NULL'

Actual filename of the image as specified on the iiif server. This may often look more like a URI, or a partial URI.

native_width INT UNSIGNED 10 0

We store internally the pixel width of the full size image.

native_height INT UNSIGNED 10 0

We store internally the pixel height of the full size image.


The DPI of the full size image (used to calculate relative scaling of images). This should be calculated as optimally as possible and should not rely on EXIF data.

type BIT 3 0

Four values:
Color = 0
Grayscale = 1
Raking light right = 2
Raking light left = 4
Perhaps remove in favor of “wavelength_start" and “wavelength_end”.

wavelength_start SMALLINT UNSIGNED 5 445

Starting wavelength of image in nanometers.

wavelength_end SMALLINT UNSIGNED 5 704

Ending wavelength of image in nanometers.

is_master BIT 3 0

Boolean determining if the image is a “master image”. Since we have multiple images of each fragment, one image is designated as the master (generally the full color image), all others are non master images and will have a corresponding entry in “image_to_image_map” which provides and transforms (translate, scale, rotate) necessary to line the two images up with each other.

image_catalog_id INT UNSIGNED 10 0
image_catalog.image_catalog_id fk_image_to_catalogR

Id of the image in the image catalogue.

is_recto BIT 3 1

Notes wether the original image is thought to show rect0 (1) or verso (0) of the fragment. This can be taken as default value for recto/verso-relation in artefact_stack


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc sqe_image_id
fk_image_to_catalog Performance Asc image_catalog_id
url_UNIQUE Must be unique Asc/Asc image_urls_id + filename